Uranbileg Batjargal

Leadership Coach • Meditation Teacher • Shamanic Practitioner
Alexandria, VA, USA

Uranbileg Batjargal (Urana Heart) was born in Mongolia. It is the country of horsemen, warriors, conquers, and nomads who travel camelback, and shamans who communicate with worlds and dimensions beyond ordinary reality. Growing up, she loved climbing barefoot on the rocky hills, gathering wild berries, conversing with small birds, and singing with nature.

Uranbileg walks between worlds. As an economist and a certified public accountant, she makes a living by managing budgets and solving business problems. Uranbileg is a poet, a certified mindful meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and a practitioner of shamanic healing and sound healing. Her offerings combine an alchemy of practices that help clients remember who they are, heal themselves, and succeed in their endeavors.

Uranbileg’s healing methods alchemize and integrate her native lineage of Mongolian shamanism, 9 years of devotional practice of Bhakti yoga with Sanskrit chanting, her connections to plant medicines, and 6 years of deep apprenticeship with Nature following the native American medicine wheel, four shields, and vision fasts. Her voice is filled with rebellion against the ordinary, longing for freedom and love, coming back to the roots, and connection to nature. Uranbileg’s healing music is heart-felt, grounding, and delightfully joyful.

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