Salman Hatta

Artist • Breathworker • Leadership Coach
San Francisco, California, USA

Salman is an agent of transformation, passionate about inspiring people to become the very best versions of themselves. He is a fervent student of the world, having traveled across 50 countries doing many adventures and collecting rich and vibrant life experiences along the way.

Through his own personal journey that has led him to embody his authentic self-expression, Salman has learned that his purpose is to use his growing knowledge of life to guide and support others in discovering the paths to their own truths and removing the obstacles to their own freedom.

In particular, he loves to create and lead experiences that reshape the way people live, work, and relate to one another — whether at spaces like Burning Man or with leading-edge organizations. Ultimately, he envisions a positive future for humanity that is played out through the intersection of personal transformation, psychedelics, and new paradigm business models.

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