Sidney Justice Bronson

Musician • Spiritual Guide • Writer
Barbosa, Antioquia, Colombia

Sidney Justice Bronson grew up in Chicago, Illinois, where he cultivated a passion for music and a high hope for humanity. He has been on the plant medicine path since 2016. From a young age, his father told him that he would have an important role to play in this shift of consciousness, and after his first ceremony with the medicine, he realized that what his father had told him was true.

Sidney currently lives near Medellín, Colombia, where he supports the management of Origen Sagrada and facilitates plant medicine ceremonies. He routinely travels internationally with indigenous elders as an apprentice and a helper for their healing ceremonies. Those who have experienced Sidney in the context of ceremony attest to his magical abilities and boundless compassion.

Sidney has been blessed with the opportunity to share his gifts and healing music with those who hear the call of the medicine. He believes that in doing this work, he will inspire others in being an example their truth. Sidney also has a deep love for movement and dance. He attends ecstatic dance every chance he gets. He is working on a book of short stories and poems to share with the world.

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