April Rameé

Clinical Herbalist • Psychedelic Integration Coach
Taos, New Mexico, USA

April Rameé is a clinical herbalist and a certified psychedelic integration coach who helps creative artists and industry leaders discover their true potential by preparing customized herbal solutions. As the Founder and CEO of Antler Alchemy, a graduate of clinical herbal practitioner programs, a certified psychedelic integration coach, and a trained, certified yoga teacher, April guides individuals on embarking on spiritually healing journeys.

As a revolutionary in plant medicine, April established her holistic practice and taught hundreds the art of building a connection between their souls and the earth through psychedelic integrative coaching, life-changing herbal 1-1 coaching, international festivals, and workshops. She has also spoken at renowned institutes, including Johns Hopkins, and been featured in mainstream publications, such as The Washington Post.

Apart from providing virtual workshops, April helps spiritual seekers secure mental, emotional, and physical harmony with nature through her Botanical Mystery School apprenticeship. This helps students build a connection with the earth via her educational courses and learn the fundamentals required to enroll in a formal clinical herbalism program.

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