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Cacao Husk Tea


Cacao husk sourced directly from the Arhuaco tribe of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia and processed in Medellín by Origen Cacao.

Weight: 9 oz. / 255 grams / 16 servings
Ingredients: 100% pure organic cacao husk

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What is cacao husk tea?

Everyone loves sipping on coffee and gorging on chocolates in their day-to-day lives, but they are loaded with caffeine and sugar which is not healthy for your body if consumed in excess. Well, not to worry, Origen brings you its Cacao husk tea which is a perfect and healthy alternative to your regular tea & coffee.

Our organic cacao husk tea is 100% sugar-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free with no artificial additives, preservatives or flavours. And despite that, the herbal tea still has a natural sweetness and an irresistible taste and aroma which makes it a delicious and healthy substitute to other indulgences. Cacao tea is perfect for lovers of chocolate, tea or coffee who also care about their health.

Why drink cacao beverages?

Using cacao husk tea either in a ceremony or as a part of a daily routine is neither intense nor a psychedelic experience, as other plant medicines can be. Rather, cacao gently nudges the heart chakra open, gifting benefits such as emotional embodiment and spiritual connection.

Cacao allows the drinker to quiet the mind and focus on good intentions either for the future or maybe just for the day, momentarily pausing that endless battle between head and heart!

In addition to its subtle entheogenic effects, cacao increases energy levels and concentration, illuminates a pathway to creativity, and balances the male and female energies within the body. Cacao also improves blood-flow and circulation.

Drinking cacao with intention enhances and deepens daily practices like meditation, yoga, and conscious dance.

What makes Origen's cacao special?

All the beans used in Origen ceremonial cacao come to us ready and prepared using long practiced techniques from the Arhuaco Tribe of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada region. This cacao is grown alongside other sacred plants and grown with pure spiritual intentions.
The tribe believes that the teachings of their ancestors are shared through their crops and when you drink this cacao in meditation you can connect to the spirits of the ancient Arahuaca, their land, and all their knowledge. The cacao beans are grown and harvested in an ecological and sustainable way in accordance with tribal traditions and practices.
We at Origen Cacao pride ourselves not only on our commitment to fair trade but also on the idea that that trade does not solely need to be monetary. We have a close relationship with our growers, and apart from buying our beans from them, they teach us about the sacred ceremonies and methods, expanding our knowledge and we in turn teach them our chocolate making techniques, empowering them with alternative methods of generating income.

How to prepare cacao husk tea

Apart from the physical preparation of the actual cacao drink itself, time should be taken to focus on intentions and prayers. Some people sing medicine songs during the preparation and serving of cacao husk tea.

To prepare cacao husk tea, simply boil some water and add a handful of husks, then let sit for a few minutes. You can also add spices such as cinnamon sticks and cardamom pods.

Pro tip: You can reuse the cacao husk over and over again! Just leave it in the kettle and add a bit more with each boil. Letting the tea sit overnight will result in very flavorful tea.

If someone has a heart condition or finds themselves to be sensitive to the effects of the cacao husk tea, they should start off slowly.


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